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Auto Brokerage

As a Georgia Licensed Used Vehicle Dealer, Hemstreet Motors is proud to offer an Auto Brokerage service. We have access to multiple dealers only auction sites and dealer-to-dealer wholesale inventory access sites. Just about any vehicle you can think of is available right now within a matter of clicks. Most dealerships purchase their inventory through the auction sites or the wholesale listings, then market the vehicles for a retail price as part of their inventory.

Our brokerage service offers you the chance to purchase a used vehicle directly from the auction or other dealer’s inventory at wholesale through Hemstreet Motors. This in turn saves you the markup dealerships charge to market the vehicle at a retail price. Typically, the pricing on vehicles from the auction is just above what dealerships give for trade-in’s and in most cases end up below what you would see in a private party value.

The auction companies issue a full condition report with most vehicles offered. The condition report grades each vehicle on a scale of 1-5 with 3 being average condition and outlines any flaws on the vehicle to include: dents, scratches, damages, prior paintwork, rips or cracks in interior, ac/heat functionality, check engine lights, diagnostic fault codes, power option functionality, prior wrecks, number of previous owners, any title issues, etc. There is also another safety net when purchasing these vehicles which comes in the form of a post-sale inspection, also performed by the auction companies.

Values: Auction houses use “MMR Values” to determine vehicle pricing. The MMR value is a very powerful tool that dealers use to access what the vehicle they are bidding on is worth. MMR uses actual and recent vehicle auction sales prices from across the country. It groups the same year/make/model/trim levels together and averages the prices to show you a true market value of vehicles coming across. At the end of the day the MMR is a tool to analyze previous sale prices that’s used to predict/educate current prices but there are still many factors. The car you are interested in could sell at auction for hundreds of dollars more or less than the MMR value but it gives you a very good idea of what you can expect to pay for a vehicle you are interested in.

If you are interested in a vehicle but do not see what you are looking for listed on our website reach out and let us know. The fee for this service varies by price of the vehicle but no need to worry we do not require this fee until we have settled on a vehicle you are ready to purchase or bid on. If you are interested and serious about purchasing a vehicle and want to save money in the process then reach out to me and I can answer any questions you may have. To get started we will need detailed specifics on what you are looking for. Example: year, make, model, mileage cap, exterior & interior color preferences, option or trim requirements, and anything else specifically you want filtered in or out of our search parameters.